A Content Management System (CMS) is framework of tools that work together to enable a website developer to design and launch websites rather quickly. In the days before a CMS, a website developer would have to write all the code in various languages such as HTML, Javascript, PHP, ASP or Python etc.   The backend would either be flat files or may be a SQL database.  As you can see,  much of the “plumbing” had to be built. Since so much code had to be written, it would take longer to develop a sophisticated website and in most cases would be more difficult to maintain. The advantage to using a CMS is it’s much faster to develop with and easier to maintain. The disadvantage of using a CMS is you can be somewhat limited in your design, since you are working within the framework and theme chosen. For small to medium sized business, this generally is not a concern.  Over the years, Content Management Systems, have become quite sophisticated with thousands of flexible themes to choose from. On the other hand, very complex websites that require real-time interaction with the user would probably not be a good fit for a CMS.

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